(4) Grouting Day One

After all of the mosaic panels were installed and left to cure for a while, I went back to the center to begin the grouting process.

Grouting the mosaic work was the most time consuming part of the installation. Many of the donated artworks had a three dimensional quality to them and grouting them was a slow process.

I used a tiny rubber tool to push the grout into the spaces between the glass/tile and to seal the edges of each piece. Almost all of the panels were grouted with a light gray grout that I mixed on site.

The Bald Eagle mosaic after being grouted. Artist: Marita Schauerte (Germany)

Two mosaic panels after grouting. Artists: Ilona Bryan, Valerie Hornby

After grouting. Artist: Pat Mitchell, Ilona Bryan

Pat Mitchell, Ilona Bryan, Valerie Hornby

Artist Valerie Hornby's adorable rubber duck mosaic. Made with iridescent tiles!

Artist: Lola Davis, 7 years old!

Artist: Debs McGlaughlin

Artist: Silva Hayes

Completed grouping after being grouted.

Another view of the completed grouting. You can still see some grout haze on the concrete wall.

Artist: Barb Frizzell - These panels were grouted with a pre-mixed off white grout.

Artist: Rita Schelin - This piece was grouted with black grout.

Artist Rita Schelin's mosaic outside a classroom door.

After grouting all of the mosaics on the main wall, I gave them all a few wipes with the sponge and left them sit to cure.

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  1. Wonderfully done. I like that you used the geometric ones under the sill. Those Panels add so much to the building; and they have your sense of space and color to thank. I really love the one by 7 year old Lola; for me, it stood out from the rest.