(3) Installation, Parts Two & Three

Installation Day 2 was canceled due to a severe weather alert. Heavy rain and a possible tornado was forecast and I didn't want to take any chances of the mosaic work getting ruined so I preempted the installation by one day.

I stopped in at the center to lay plastic over the panels that were already installed just to be sure that any water didn't seep under the ungrouted mosaics.

Artwork being covered with plastic sheeting to prevent rain from seeping underneath the tiles.

Artwork under plastic sheeting. 

* * *

Installation Day 3 was a success. I attached the remaining mosaic panels to the walls and left everything to dry.

Here are all of the photos taken that day...

Using a grout float to press artist Rita Schelin's mosaic panel into the mastic.

Pressing the panel lightly into the mastic.

Artwork by: Rita Schelin
Artist Rita Schelin's mosaic panel.
Installing one of my small Invader style mosaics outside a classroom window.
My Invader mosaic installed outside the Pre-K classroom window.
Installing my large Invader mosaic on a playground wall.
Pressing the Invader mosaic into the mastic with a grout float.

My "hidden" Invader mosaic on a back wall closest to the playground.
My Invader mosaic on the back playground wall.

I intentionally installed my largest Invader mosaic on a wall all the way at the back of "Linda Lane". It's sort of hidden but is really hiding in plain sight.

Artist Linda Biggers & Chrisse Hartley's mosaic panels on a sun drenched wall.
Some of the mosaic stepping stones that the children made with the teachers.

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